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The Heart of The Glens Landscape Partnership Scheme is made up of 21 exciting different projects over five years and covers a large area from Ballycastle to Glenarm.  This Scheme is focused on and for the benefit of the communities and beautiful landscape of the Glens.

  • To conserve and enhance the built, natural and cultural heritage
  • To engage and inspire communities
  • To improve access and learning in the area
  • To offer heritage skills and training

Mostly it is about leaving a positive legacy in The Glens of Antrim for years to come!

The Heart of The Glens Landscape partnership Scheme has been divided into 21 different projects.  As the programme delivery moves forward and we engage even more people we hope it will further evolve to meet the needs of local folk, while also meeting our funders needs.


Management Planning for Uplands

This project will involve obtaining a clear picture about the key management issues for the Glens uplands and farming practises.  In order to collaboratively support upland management in the Glens, it is imperative that a shared vision and understanding is known amongst partners.

Supporting Land Managers

This project will involve implementing long term land management support programme for farmers and land managers.  It is based on promoting and raising awareness of the importance of sustainable upland and habitat arrangement including heather and wildlife management, habitat and peatland conservation and awareness.

Biodiversity Enhancement Programme

A working group will be formed and will be used to develop a programme of biodiversity projects which will enhance the natural biodiversity within the Glens area and also provide a lasting legacy of skills.

Lifelines In The Glens

This project will work with land managers and farmers to restore a number of traditional farm and field boundary features throughout the landscape of The Glens. These boundaries will include gate posts, dry stone walls and hedges that already exist in this living landscape and its many small farms.

Heritage Infrastructure

This project recognises that there is a need for a connection between Glens via an improved heritage infrastructure. A working group will be established to develop a strategy which will see the upgrade and refurbishment of signage, and also establish a link between signage and create heritage hubs along the Glens where tourists will be encouraged to stop, thus inspiring a sense of cohesion between groups, sites and centre.

Village Heritage

The area within the Heart of The Glens Landscape Partnership Scheme contains 5 Conservation Villages of Cushendun, Cushedall, Waterfoot, Carnlough and Glenarm. Each of these villages have a village action plan which will help to enhance their local heritage. This project hopes to help local community groups and individuals to carry out enhancement works including the reinstatement of traditional built features, removal or render, replacement of eroded stonework and repointing using lime mortar where feasible.


Community Archaeology

This project will provide opportunities for locals, volunteers and school groups to become involved in archaeological excavation and surveying techniques across the Glens and to appreciate the archaeological history of the Glens of Antrim.

Heritage Festival and Events

The aim of this project is to enhance and support the coordination of heritage activities in the Glens. This will involve coordinating and facilitating discussions amongst local community festivals and event organisers as well as establishing a new heritage festivals and events support fund for local groups

Heritage Helpers Volunteer Programme

The role of volunteers will be a vital aspect of securing the long term value of the heritage within the Heart of the Glens Landscape Partnership Scheme. It will aim to develop and coordinate a long lasting and sustainable volunteer programme, to provide a range of heritage volunteer days, events and training sessions, raise awareness of the importance of participating in heritage and establish a new branding for volunteers in Heart of the Glens Landscape Partnership Scheme.

Artisans Of The Glens

The aim of this project is to organise a food and artisan festival across the 9 Glens of Antrim to take place in the final year of the overall programme.

Community Fixed Point Photography

This project aims to capture changes in the landscape over a period of time. The character and condition of our landscape is constantly evolving due to the changes in land management, planning and development, farming, coastal erosion and the changing climate. Training will be offered to local community and interested groups who would like to get involved in this project.


For Peat’s Sake

For Peat’s Sake aims to conserve and enhance the internationally important peatland resource within the Glens of Antrim and to promote peatland conservation at local, national and international levels. This project will involve supporting restoration and management work through the promotion of existing agri-environment and wildlife enhancement grants, raising the level of understanding and appreciation of the significance of the resource, supporting the provision of management advice on upland peatland and supporting new research into peatland processes, ecology and management.

Habitat Stations

There is a range of habitats and species within The Glens and we hope to engage young people in understanding their nature and get involved with monitoring and recording different species. We will work with school groups and interest groups to improve the quality of our ecosystems through various clean ups and learning monitoring, recording and surveying skills in ancient woodlands, forests, river courses, marine and peatland environments.

Fishing For Resources

This project will involve 2 components:

  1. Work with primary school pupils to raise awareness of their river environment and biodiversity by watching nature in action.
  2. Improve understanding of marine and coastal issues along the Antrim Coast and Glens.

Heritage Trails And Tales

The aim of this project is to develop a number of heritage trails that link to a wide variety of landscape features including industrial, cultural, artisan, wildlife and geological heritage. We will work with partners to develop online trails, guides and organised events to showcase the Heart of the Glens LPS heritage.

The Language Of Landscape

There are many townlands within The Glens of Antrim and this project aims to interpret these and create a historical record. We will work with the local community to explore and interpret each townland and see if there are any links with field patterns, names r traditional agricultural practices in the area.

Digitising Heritage

Aim of this project will be to provide an online platform via a new Heart of the Glens website to help local people and visitors better understand the landscape and key sites and features. It will be promoted via interactive heritage maps; promotion of a range of new and exciting online trails and tales and providing an online learning resource network for school groups, clubs and societies to better understand and appreciate the heritage.


Heritage Skills

Aim of this project is to provide a series of heritage skills to help local people develop useful skills such as hedge laying, stone masonry and GIS training and further their professional and personal development.

Making Landscapes Work For You

This project aims to provide a series of skills and training days for existing heritage stakeholders and groups within The Glens to enhance their skills and professional development. Training will be offered in areas such as Leave No Trace, customer care, and approaches to village design. We hope to encourage a sense of pride and place amongst local groups and individuals to value their landscape.

Landscapes and Literature

The Glens is full of many stories and this project hopes to bring these stories alive through music, poetry, songs, storytelling and creative writing. We will organise creative workshops in storytelling, song writing and poetry t enable local people to articulate their feelings and connection with the landscape.

Heritage Tour Guiding

This project aims to offer local people tour guide training and development and give them the opportunity to run their own tours of the landscape that is accredited and acknowledged.