Salmon in the classroom

As part of our partnership scheme we built great working relationships with the 14 primary schools in The Glens of Antrim. One of the projects we ran at the beginning of our 5 year programme involves children learning about the life cycle of Salmon and water quality. We call this programme ‘Salmon in the Classroom’.

Our Salmon project is a real educational experience for not only the school children but also for myself. Before this project began I had no knowledge about the salmon or indeed the fascinating journey it goes on throughout its lifetime. For example the one piece of information I took from the set up and introduction session in the classroom was that salmon will travel thousands of miles out into the Atlantic Ocean but, will almost always return to the same part of the river in which it was born.

The students will learn about the environmental and human impacts that can affect the number of salmon in our local rivers. In this day and age we all know that salmon numbers have rapidly declined due to overfishing and other human actions such as draining gravel from river beds and pollution.

School Principal Mr Francis Close from Glenaan Primary School, Cushendall said “The salmon project is a very interesting and enjoyable project for our school. Firstly it gives the children the opportunity to study the development of salmon eggs in a classroom setting. They also realise the importance of a proper environment for the eggs to hatch out. The children take the temperature of the water each day and keep a record of the data. They also use the internet to find out about the life cycle of a salmon. Finally they will get first-hand experience of setting the young salmon free into the wild. As a result of this project children cover various aspects of the curriculum including Literacy, Numeracy, ICT and the World Around Us. I think it is an excellent project for all schools”.


Laura McAuleySalmon in the classroom