Heritage Festivals & Events

Sense of The Glens Symposium

This Symposium was aimed at local festival and event organisers in the glens to establish issues/barriers faced, opportunities, training needs or advice that would be useful to create a collaborative approach to marketing and promoting the area. The results of the gathering was that the local people of The Glens were keen to focus on a collaboration of festivals and events rather than working in competition. The feedback obtained indicated that there needed to be an investigation into how best to work together and share ideas. Overall this symposium enabled the local festival organisers and tourism businesses to see that it is better to work collaboratively in order to promote The Glens as a destination

Festivals & Events Booklet

The Glens of Antrim are well renowned for their outstanding natural beauty, but what many visitors and locals are not be aware of are the many festivals and events that occur all throughout the year. This is why the LPS decided to create a booklet outlining all the Festivals & Events that occur within The Glens. This booklet aims to provide both visitors and locals with the inside knowledge of all the happenings within The Glens. From workshops on learning local skills and crafts to the traditional Irish music sessions, The Glens has it all. This is the first time all these festivals and events have been brought together in the one booklet that is available for everyone to see.
You can see a copy of our Festivals & Events Booklet in our Publications section.

Glens Tourism Cluster Group

The Glens Tourism Cluster is an initiative set up by TourismNI to encourage local tourism providers to develop links with each other and promote their experiences to the tourist market. This project has been a huge success with a range of businesses taking their products to the international market for the first time. The idea of partnering with others to create longer tourist stay has been a huge success with many local tourism businesses now working collaboratively to create a number of tourist packages. It is clear that the Glens of Antrim has a lot to offer, but the main barrier to increasing frequency and length of stay of tourists has been the dearth of information which allows potential visitors to plan their holiday, sometimes 12 months before they intend to come. Cooperation to create a wide range of bespoke and/or build it yourself offers is key, but it is also clear the ‘click to buy’ offers online are becoming an increasingly important tool in attracting customers. This initiative will continue to flourish and grow with the amalgamation with Antrim Glens Tourism.

Heritage Festivals Support Fund

Festivals and events are an important part of life in The Glens of Antrim. They allow local people to celebrate the living heritage of the region and showcase it to other locals and visitors alike. In our recent Glens of Antrim Festivals and Events brochure The Heart of The Glens Landscape Partnership Scheme has been promoting local festivals and events to local communities and to the wider tourism market. We wish to see the region’s heritage flourish and encourage the development of new local festivals and events and the creation of new dimensions to existing festivals and events. The first round of the Heritage Festivals & Events Support Fund began in 2017. We had 5 successful applications within The Glens and they were:
• Ballycastle Maritime Festival
• Carey Historical Society
• Antrim Glens Tourism
• Glenarm Walking Festival
Applications for the next round of funding will open again in Spring 2018

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