Heritage Skills Survey

Our heritage skills project will focus on helping local Glens people to develop useful skills and further their professional and personal development. In order to ensure that local traditional heritage skills are continued in The Glens we tried to map existing heritage skills that already exist in the area through an online survey. Heritage skills can include bread making, stone masonry, hedge laying, dry stone walling, woodcraft, growing and harvesting wild food, trail construction and maintenance, landscape mapping, or any other local heritage skill that exists in The Glens.
The main aim of this survey was to assess demand for local heritage skills and potential providers who could train people in these skills.
The questions included in this survey included a list of traditional skills such as dry stone walling and bread making and also provided the option to include other heritage skills that were not mentioned in the survey. The LPS wanted to find out who possessed these skills, would be willing to train others to do them, and then also who is interested in learning these skills.

Laura McAuleyHeritage Skills Survey